Service and Customization

 We offer not only drone but also service of the entire robotics. Technologies that have been developed during the process of developing drone have been widely used in automotive devices, industrial machinery, space applications, etc. We support a wide range of products ranging from single point development to mass production model.
It is also possible to analyze the data of drone and accompanying equipment data in an integrated manner. We also provide consulting services including creation of technology roadmap.

Customization example:Int-Ball(for Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency)


For international flight within the International Space Station(P250)
 Drone flight inside the International Space Station can not use navigation technology of outdoor flight such as GPS. In addition, because there are restrictions on the size and power consumption of the aircraft, we have utilized technology that estimates its own position only by image processing.
In the technique mainly used in P250, image processing of a wall surface in a closed space photographed with a camera at high speed, in addition to estimating a change in the attitude of the drones, finding markers and the like and calculating indoor coordinates It is also possible. It was launched on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on June 4, 2017, and the operation verification on the International Space Station was conducted from the 9 th.

Business process example

 In order to respond to various customer's needs, we will carry out development work in processes such as "requirements definition phase" → "customize development phase" → "operation" → "analysis". Of course, if you have a request, you can deal with customized development only, but there are also services such as maintenance and support, so we recommend you consider introducing it in a package.

Requirement definition phase

 First of all, there may be a phase to conduct hearings etc. regarding the introduction. This applies to large-scale projects when developing highly customizable, or horizontally deploying. In addition, we will carry out field trials carefully in case the needs are detailed, and demonstration experiments to confirm that our technology can sufficiently deal with it. Although it is possible to give an approximate estimate before the requirement definition, we will estimate the development phase again in the requirements definition phase.
Customize development phase

 Specifications established by the requirement definition are reflected in the prototype during the development phase. The prototype will combine various technologies based on our basic aircraft, and after adjustment we will develop to the aircraft that fulfilled the request.
When mass production is necessary, it becomes an aircraft considering the production process, and it supports the construction of a long-term operation support system together with after-sales support work etc.
Operation and Maintenance / Support

 Operation of equipment and systems can be carried out by us as necessary. We may do flight operations at our company, we may only undertake maintenance on subscription.
We support both domestic and overseas according to the form of the project.

 In addition to analysis on acquired data and images, analysis processing is integrated with the customer's data related to the case. For example, detection and progress analysis are also carried out regarding dropout of equipment parts and breakage of walls.

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