Interns and recruitment

I would like to meet with the world's most advanced, global fighting group.

 Hongo Airplane is a Robotics research and development company that develops unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) and devices for space. We are actively recruiting engineers in various fields, not limited to drones. We are seeking companions who want to develop on the front line, including people who like making things, artificial intelligence, image analysis, robot engineers and so on. Even in seemingly unrelated areas such as architecture, a new future may be opened by combining with a robot. I want to challenge new things, I believe that such feelings will change the world, we are recruiting a wide range of employees / university students interns and bytes.

The skills we care about recently:
・People who like making things
・ROS usage
・Person who is familiar with image processing
・Person who is interested in data analysis
・If you are interested in developing web development
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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